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September 27, 2013:
Video software is becoming more integrated into OS but the problem is that tablets are wrecking editing. New codecs reviewed.


Tablet and iPad Editing

Tablets are used for shooting video but may fail and lag when editing is done.

Video Creation & Editing Software

Make Your Own Movies

Once upon a time, you needed an expensive camera to make digital videos, or you needed special equipment and hardware to put your videos onto your computer for upload to the internet. Now, you can take one image and turn it into a "video" for places like YouTube, and all you need is software and a pretty good computer. Today's video editing and creation software makes it possible to use video from camcorders, digital cameras, videotape, or just about anywhere else. You can use editing tools to add your own soundtrack, put narration over slideshows, and dub your own music over the whole production. Whether you have an Apple Macintosh or IBM PC platform running Windows (or Linux), you can get quite a few video programs for free, or spend a few more dollars and get professional grade video software titles that are even used to make major motion pictures. Many people know that the film Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was based on a digital video demo done on a Mac, and that was before the faster dual and quad core processors that make video editing much less time consuming.

Naturally, you can do more than just do demos for major motion picture deals. For instance, if you've got home movies, you can put them on YouTube and many other digital sites. You can turn Powerpoint presentations into video and put them on your personal website. You can convert old video codecs like Indeo into more modern standards that are more universal, and you can make Quicktime or Media Player videos with high definition, surround sound, and special effects. You can even create retro videos with "star wipe" if you are into crazy visual effects.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: As Mr. Scott would say, "I can't work miracles." Better film makes for better editing, and you should also pick an editing suite that is up to your skill level, so you don't end up confused by all the bells and whistles you may not need.