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Video Software Codecs (CODEC means coder-decoder) make it possible for your video to be played on media players and other software. It is very important to choose a CODEC that is likely to be universal to most of the players online, or some viewers will get an error message and probably leave your website. Find out about video software, codecs, and other ways of converting video for playing on the internet or for DVD authoring. Video conversion Software usually will default to codecs like Cinepak or DIVX, and sometimes to Indeo (from Intel) or Nero. By their nature, many codecs are Lossy, which means that the video can be grainy or pixellated as the compression factor increases. Therefore, people who are converting to digital video should always watch the final output product in order to make sure too many details aren't being lost. Although lossy video can conserve bandwidth and make for a smaller file to upload, an over-compressed video may blur out important details in the video itself, or lead to such a bad viewing experience that people choose to stop watching. On the other end of the spectrum, lossless video conversion (ideal for HD video applications) takes a longer time to download and can lead to continuous buffering issues, and people may stop watching due to the start-stop nature of the viewing experience. Some lossless formats include Schrodinger and Lagarith.

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Special note: Try to save your video in container formats (like AVI and MPEG4) that are easy to upload to multiple video sharing services..